Fashion Stylist:

A Fashion Stylist is the title of someone hired to pull clothing and accessories for a client for a customized look. Stylists borrow clothing from designers and stores for these looks to set a theme or to offer inspiration for the client to choose from.  Stylists are hired to create looks for editorial publishing, print or TV advertising, music videos, public appearances made by celebrities, models or public figures.  Usually the fashion stylists are the liaison to the creative team for the client with the Hair/Makeup stylists, photographers and videographers and fashion designers.  Fashion stylists can be consultants and offer direction for buyers. Once established as a fashion stylist they can also be promoters and writers for current and upcoming trends.

Retail Merchandising / Buying:

Learn all about the business and planning that exists behind the glamour.  Well-known fashion buyers and merchandisers will lead informative sessions where they will explain the hard work that goes into buying and merchandising for major retailers. These professionals will explain what trade shows are like and the importance of understanding that the business of fashion is more than what meets the eye.

Marketing / PR / Blogging:

Creating buzz around a brand is one of the most important (and fun) ways to gain traction!  Bloggers will also share tips as to how to build their personal brand on social media and beyond.

Fashion Technology:

Acquire insights into this new and booming realm of the fashion industry.  Textile, apparel and garment design, leather technology, visual merchandising, footwear design and much more!

Fashion Photography:

Fashion photographers not only photograph garments but also interpret the underlying ideas or themes of the season, the clothing range, the designer and the brand.  They work in studios and on location to produce imaginative and eye-catching images that advertise clothes, accessories and overall lifestyles.

Social & Digital Marketing:

Build your brand with social and digital marketing experts! Campers will learn about the importance of brand messaging and how bloggers, brands, and all fashion professionals rely on marketing to build awareness and buzz.

Brand Management:

Behind every great brand lies a great manager! Campers will learn from industry professionals who create the vision, positioning, segmentation and marketing strategy used to make their respective brands successful.


In the media industries of fashion, film and television, there is an increasing number of runway shows, photographic shoots, and film productions that rely on the specialized skills of the hair and makeup artists to communicate style and image.


Model garments and other apparel to display clothing before prospective buyers at fashion shows, private showings, retail establishments, or photographer. May pose for photos to be used for advertising purposes.